About Us ...

About Us ...

At FlippsMart, our mission is to provide a safe and convenient retail showroom for peer-to-peer sellers to physically display their wares, and to assist buyers in purchasing those items. We eliminate the need for face-to-face meetings between buyers and sellers, thereby increasing the number of willing participants in the local peer-to-peer marketplace. More buyers and sellers means more transactions and a better experience for all.

As a startup company, we are focused on building retail solutions that serve the needs of local individuals and businesses who are looking to participate in the expanding peer-to-peer marketplace. Please stop by and talk to us about your unique selling needs and challenges … we want to build something that works for YOU!

Our People:

Ed Anderson is the co-founder of FlippsMart. He is an engineer and inventor with a strong business and financial background. Ed has a diverse and interesting employment history in the petroleum, agricultural, retailing, and financial services industries. He grew-up in Missoula and enjoys the challenges of entrepreneurship and making things happen. Ed is blissfully married to his high school sweetheart, and they have three grown children. He maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys golf, tennis, fly fishing, hiking, and snow skiing. Ed's favorite beer is Cold Smoke on nitro at Kettlehouse North.

Craig Ekegren is the other co-founder of Craigs Mart. In addition to being the company's "namesake", he shares Ed's passion for new ideas and small businesses. Craig was born and raised in Montana and is excited to be back after a 34 year career in corporate America. Craig and his wife Sharla have two grown children living in Montana and enjoy golfing, hiking, fly fishing, and travelling. Craig's favorite beer is Kettlehouse First Snow Farmhouse Ale.